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Institute of Advanced Study

Dr Kirsti Stuvøy

COFUND Senior Research Fellow at St Aidan's College (October - December 2016)

Stuvøy has carried out research and published on topics such as civil war economies and conflict dynamics; methodology in security studies; Arctic security and health; and gender and security. In particular she published widely on civil society and state-society relations in Russia. In her work, Stuvøy draws on extensive field research in Russia, conducted in various locations and focusing on different civil society groups and political stakeholders over a period of ten years. In this work, she draws on and combines a broad scope of theoretical perspectives. In general, her work is recognised for a high level of theoretical and methodological sophistication.

Global Transitions: Capitalism, Cities and Security

The global political economy is in a process of transition leaving states and people to struggle with tremendous social change and uncertainty, among it ‘new’ security threats, most prominently from terrorist groups. The proposed project is concerned with the empirical study of transformation of capitalism and how these transformations relate to security. The aim of the project is to develop a theoretical framework that enables to empirically study and compare how global economic transformations materialize themselves in a selected sample of cities from different world regions and how these transformations affect existing (national) security arrangements and give rise to new ones. As part of studying these security dynamics, a particular focus will be on non-state actors. During the fellowship we will prepare a joint review article on the state of research on urbanisation and security arrangements in the global North and global South. A research network will be established, a workshop will be organized and research plan and funding proposal will be developed.