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Institute of Advanced Study

Dr Anna Maria Stagno

COFUND Senior Research Fellow at Josephine Butler College (April - June 2017)

This project involves all Durham colleagues with an interest in ‘common lands’ in the medieval and later periods. It is a highly interdisciplinary topic and Anna Stagno is a well-known scholar in the field.

Landscapes of rights

Here Stagno combines her experience as an archaeologist with historical and ecological observation and interpretation and aims to facilitate research dialogue between History, Archaeology, Anthropology, Geography, Law and Biological Sciences under the aegis of IMEMS. After 3 months her legacy will be a new research blog with links to projects and publications, seminars and workshops (part funded through an Archaeology research group), and progress on three new case European studies. In the longer term it is anticipated that the research and developing networks will bear fruit in a bigger European project. Certainly this is a socially relevant field with historic and contemporary resonance for all European countries, and it is one in which Archaeology has recent experience (O’Donnell for enclosure in 17-19th century Northumberland; Gerrard for fieldwork now focusing on upland archaeology in NE Spain). There are also scientific aspects to be developed such as evidence for transhumance and industry on common lands.