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Institute of Advanced Study

Dr Mikle South

COFUND Senior Research Fellow at Trevelyan College (April - June 2017)

South is well known as a researcher in the field of psychology and autism. He has published widely within the top 10% of impact factors in the field of psychology, and in the highest impact journals that an autism researcher publish in (Autism Research, Journal of Child Psychology)

A multidisciplinary approach to anxiety in developmental disorders

The Fellowship will take an innovative multi-disciplinary approach to study anxiety in developmental disorders; pooling expertise from work with clinical groups, animal research (e.g. mice models), pharmacological insights, and technological approaches. The work will provide both theoretical insight and impact for individuals living with developmental disorders, as anxiety has a significant impact upon health and daily functioning. During the Fellowship Dr South will work with clinical groups with Autism and Williams syndrome with Dr Riby (Psychology) to utilise his innovative methods of assessing anxiety characteristics. While this feeds into an existing impact case study (REF2020; Psychology) on anxiety in Williams syndrome, Dr South will provide an innovative new strand to that work, not otherwise available. Dr South will also collaborate with Dr Chazot (Biology) to determine how best to develop future mice models of anxiety (building towards further grant applications), interact with members of the Biophysical Sciences Institute to consider methodological developments for capturing anxiety in both human and mice models, and lead discussions combining Psychology, Biology and Pharmacy to consider future intervention opportunities based on his clinical expertise. The work fits the multi-disciplinary remit of the Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing.