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Institute of Advanced Study

Dr Oldrich Bures

COFUND Senior Research Fellow at Hatfield College (October 2016 - March 2017)

Bureš is the founding director of the Center for Security Studies at Metropolitan University Prague, which has become a major hub for security-related research in the Czech Republic. His research is focused in the areas of Conflict Resolution and International Security, with special emphasis on peacekeeping, privatization of security, and (counter-)terrorism policy.

Private Security in the EU: Beyond Private Military and Security Companies

In the academic literature, despite many disagreements about its impact and implications, there appears to be a broad agreement that a pluralization of security is taking place. Yet beyond the initial sweep of declaratory statements, the official security strategies and action plans contain little discussion of the specific ways for the desired greater involvement of private sector actors in the provision of security. This aim of the research to be undertaken is to fill a research gap around provision of private security in the EU provided by organizations beyond private military and private security companies. The project has two objectives: 1) Empirical analysis of the security practices of non-security related private businesses and their impact on security governance in the European Union; 2) Interdisciplinary analysis of conceptual frameworks suitable for bridging the gap between the security-maximizing logic of public security agencies and the profit-maximizing logic of private companies.