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Institute of Advanced Study

Dr Ana Rita Pereira Roders

COFUND Senior Research Fellow at Trevelyan College, Durham University (October - December 2013)

Dr Ana Rita Pereira Roders is Assistant Professor, Eindoven University, The Netherlands. Dr Pereira Roders is a well-known scholar in her field, and her experience and knowledge of World Heritage designations meets a key strategic aim of the Department of Archaeology – ‘to enhance research on heritage and in particular on the Durham World Heritage Site’.

The modern urban landscape is a dynamic and changing environment. The development and expansion of urban centres is vital to their continued ability to thrive as economic centres and to the well-being of their inhabitants. Many cities across the globe are however historic cities, hosting unrivalled tangible and intangible heritage of outstanding universal value. The protection and management of urban heritage in a way that allows sustainable development is vital. Achieving this balance is difficult and agencies are often faced with a need to protect heritage and yet take account of a multiplicity of stakeholder and public viewpoints. Durham World Heritage Site encapsulates at a small scale the qualities of many larger and more complex urban historic World Heritage Cities. It provides ideal location for exploratory research dealing with the issue of integrating a plurality of viewpoints into the sustainable protection of its unique medieval heritage. This project, linked to the UNESCO Historic Urban Landscape initiative, will use Durham as a case study to explore these issues by developing a programme of participatory research that involves the public in the exploration and mapping of the plurality of public perceptions of and engagements with this urban World Heritage Site.

“I think the COFUND Fellowship is a great initiative that truly supports academics to gain experience and co-operate internationally.”

Dr Ana Rita Roders Pereira, Eindhoven University