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Institute of Advanced Study

Dr Jeffrey Greathouse

COFUND Senior Research Fellow at Ustinov College, Durham University (January - March 2014)

Dr Jeffery Greathouse is Principal Member of Technical Staff, Geochemistry Department, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dr Greathouse has been a leading contributor to the area of molecular simulations of clays and other hydrous materials for more than fifteen years. In addition, he is established as a leader in the field of computational geochemistry, with many well-cited papers on clay minerals and their aqueous interfaces.

The Fellowship is designed to foster interactions with three key academics on topics related to the interaction of complex molecules with surfaces. Specific activities include:

1) improved computational methods for modelling mineral-fluid interactions (with Dr Chris Greenwell of Durham University);

2) vibrational properties of adsorbed molecules (with Prof Colin Bain of Durham University); and

3) the role of mineral surfaces on atmospheric methane levels (Prof Richard Davies of Durham University).

The research activities to be carried out will be both at both the fundamental and applied levels and will benefit existing projects at Sandia National Laboratories and three Durham University Institutes (Durham Energy Institute, Institute for Advanced Research Computing, and Biophysical Sciences Institute) as well as the Institute of Advanced Study, to ensure a lasting relationship is established.

“[…] my fellowship was a unique chance for me to visit with a number of colleagues in the UK and France.”

Dr Jeffrey Greathouse, Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico