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Institute of Advanced Study

Dr Larysa Bryzhyk

COFUND Senior Research Fellow at St Mary's College, Durham University (January - March 2014)

Dr Larysa Bryzhyk is a leading research fellow at the department of nonlinear condensed matter physics at Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics; Adjunct professor at the Wessex Institute of Technologies.

Dr Bryzhyk is an acknowledged expert in the analysis and theoretical modeling of nonlinear phenomena in biophysical systems. Her work, which has regularly been published in high-level journals, has recently earned her an important international prize (the 2011 Prigogine Gold Medal) and widespread recognition in her field.

With her host Dr Bryzhyk plans to study theoretically the effects of periodic electromagnetic fields on the nonlinear charge transport processes in living cells. Such transport occurs along the macroscopic polypeptides during the redox processes that accompany the metabolism of living organisms performing respiration or photosynthesis. Owing to the interaction between electrons and self-induced deformation of polypeptides, electrons can become self-trapped in nonlinear soliton-like states. Previous studies have shown that in simple ONE-dimensional chains at zero temperature the external electromagnetic field can induce a drift of such a soliton (which carries an electric charge - and so is called an electrosoliton). This phenomenon, the "ratchet effect", is known to depend critically on the system's parameters. Therefore, during the Fellowship it is planned to study how the frequency and the amplitude of the electric field affects the onset of this ratchet, taking into account the properties of the polypeptides involved and energy dissipation. In addition Dr Bryzhyk also plans to study the effect of temperature on this mechanism and the possibility of enhancing or generating the ratchet dynamics by thermal bath.

“The staff of the College not only provided me with accommodation and meals, they provided me with a home.”

Dr Larysa Bryzhyk, Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kiev