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Institute of Advanced Study

Professor Scott Paterson

COFUND Senior Research Fellow at Hatfield College, Durham University (January -June 2013)

Scott Paterson is Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences in the University of Southern California and is a Fellow of the Geological Society of America. Having numerous high quality publications and awards, Prof. Paterson is not just considered an academic of high esteem, he has also established a novel research led teaching scheme, which takes undergraduates into the field.

Nominated by Prof. Jon Davidson (Earth Sciences) and Prof. David Petley (Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience, IHRR), Prof. Paterson will work on a project examining physical and chemical processes in subvolcanic systems. This project straddles two of the main research groups in the Department of Earth Sciences, and has overlap with the aims and objectives of IHRR. Prof. Paterson will undertake two parallel and integrated strands of research; 1) examining the chemical/ mineralogical/ textural characteristics of plutons (the solidified magma bodies that underlay and fed volcanoes) and 2) evaluating the impacts that these plutons have on both ductile and brittle fault systems in the crust. This should lead to an enhanced understanding of how volcanoes work.

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“I had a great time at Durham and very much appreciate the opportunity to spend time there. I think this is an excellent program and wish we had something similar.”

Professor Scott Paterson, University of Southern California