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Institute of Advanced Study

Professor Falin Chen

COFUND Senior Research Fellow (July - September 2013)

Professor Falin Chen is Professor in the Institute of Applied Mechanic and Director General of the Energy Research Center at the same university. He is also the Executive Director of the National Science & Technology Program for Energy with the National Science Council and has held the Taiwan National Chair Professorship.

Nominated by Prof Brian Straughan (Mathematical Sciences), Richard Davies (Durham Energy Institute (DEI)) and Paul Mansfield (Mathematical Sciences) while in Durham, Professor Chen will work with the Numerical Analysis Group led by Prof Straughan and members of the Durham Energy Institute to assess the feasibility of using a North Pacific Ocean current (the Kuroshio) to generate energy. Through collaborative research, specific high quality sites for pilot plant installation will be identified and appropriate turbine generators are to be developed.

“The college system of Durham University inspires me of the value of high education. The social life of the students of St Mary's college are designed to be composed of various levels of social education, which cannot be given to the students by the instruction of professors in classroom. This can be the unique and extraordinary thing which the university can give the students as the valuable legacy of their life.”

Professor Falin Chen, National Taiwan University