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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

Past Events

Dr Martin Ruehl: Greeks, Beasts, Supermen - Nietzche's anti-humanist philhellenism

25th February 2009, 17:30, Ritson Room, Department of Classics

This is the seventh lecture in the Being Human - Classical Perspectives Lecture Series.

My talk takes its cue from Nietzsche's remark that the human [das Menschliche] displayed by antiquity is not to be confused with the humane [dem Humanen] (Nachlaß: March 1875).

It investigates the origins of this distinction, which is crucial to his later transvaluative project, in Nietzsche's critique of the German philhellenist tradition and his radical re-assessment of the Italian Renaissance. Nietzsche's notion of what it means to be human ­and what it could mean to be superhuman ­was deeply conditioned, as this paper will show, by his anti-classicist classical perspective.

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