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Human Resources & Organisational Development

Speed Writing


Do you have to take notes in meetings, write down telephone messages, remember long lists of tasks from your manager?

So many of us take notes and yet have no structure to, or system for, our writing.

This workshop will enable you to learn a system that works for you to improve your efficiency, add to your skills and career development and give you a chance to avoid the stress of trying to take notes with only long hand techniques


By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Develop your own speedwriting system
  • With practice, take notes quickly and effectively


  • Increased speed in taking notes, messages and minutes of meetings
  • Improved efficiency
  • Learn a new skill


  • Learning the guidelines of speedwriting, including silent letters and vowels, phonetics plus prefixes and suffixes
  • Practical exercises
  • Build a vocabulary for your work needs
  • Compile an action plan to ensure your continuing development and proficiency


This highly participative and practical workshop is facilitated by an experienced tutor who is also the creator of the her own speedwriting system. The day will involve specialist tutor input and assistance as well as practical sessions.

Who is the course suitable for

This course is for any Durham University staff, in any role, who takes notes or needs to write more quickly.

Which of the ‘Realising Your Potential Approach’ Behaviours are supported by this course

This workshop will generally help indirectly with most of the Realising Your Potential Behaviours but specifically connects to:

Achieving results

  • developing new skills to improve performance and work effectively to meet deadlines

Developing myself and others

  • by effectively demonstrating new/improved knowledge and skills

Embracing change

  • by demonstrating a willingness to try new working methods

Finding solutions

  • By learning how to use new techniques to help facilitate effective minute taking and administration processes


Full day including lunch.