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Human Resources & Organisational Development

Perfecting Presentation Techniques


Presentations are a fact of university life. Many people's careers are limited by their lack of ability to present to their teams: understanding 'when and how' to make presentations is a necessity as a manager or leader, but all too often a 'standard' presentation is not sufficient: for these situations what is needed is a more sophisticated or powerful approach.


All too often, presentations simply pass information on to the audience - but this information is not retained, which means that in a real sense the presentation has been a "waste of time".

This workshop is aimed at those who have experience of delivering presentations to enable them to fine-tune their approach.

It is designed to give you the necessary skills to make presentations which have more 'zap'. We will take influences and techniques from a variety of backgrounds, including academia, management and professional theatre, to look at how to make presentations which have the 'X-factor'.


  • Understanding penetration and retention in audiences
  • Overcoming nerves to appear confident
  • Breathing and voice work to project authority, credibility and confidence
  • Designing high-impact visual aids
  • Body language, posture and position in the room
  • A system for designing presentations with very little preparation time


  • Give ‘stylish’ presentations
  • Deliver presentations with confidence, looking assertive and better equipped to handle the nerves
  • Deliver presentations with ‘impact’ and be more persuasive


The idea is to use whatever works to create presentations with impact and sticking power. This course looks at how to create presentations which have impact and increase the likelihood of the audience retaining the information you present.

We'll use an eclectic mix of practical exercises matched with the background necessary to understand the practical elements and a mix of learning styles including simple didactics, individual exercises and group work to explore the issues and move them forward. This course assumes you'll want to take things forward for yourself after the completion of the course, so you'll be given exercises to practice which will develop your skills: some of these are specially developed for this course while others are taken from other environments, such as the RSC.

This is a very intense course, run in an informal and supportive environment.

Following the close of the formal course there is an opportunity for short one-to-one coaching briefings for any delegate who is happy to stay afterwards.

Who is the course suitable for?

Ideally attendees should have had some experience of presenting (whether successfully or not!).

Which of the Realising Your Potential Behaviours does this course meet?

This workshop will generally help indirectly with most of the Realising Your Potential Behaviours but specifically connects to:

Developing Myself and Others

  • By understanding techniques to improve presentation and communication skills

Working Together

  • By being better able to collaborate with colleagues

Providing Leadership and Direction

  • By being better able explain ideas and needs and to influence/motivate teams

Using Resources Effectively

  • By using time effectively to create and deliver relevant presentations and meetings


Full Day Seminar – Lunch Provided