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Human Resources & Organisational Development

Introduction to Project Management (PRIDE)

Project management techniques are becoming more important, in Higher Education where most of us are involved in projects large or small. PRIDE (PRINCE2 In Durham Environments) is an implementation of PRINCE2 - the de facto standard for Project Management in the UK - that is tailored specifically for projects within Durham University, with processes to support the project from inception to completion. The approach is suitable for planning and controlling any type of project, regardless of scope or size.

This half day introduction will provide participants with an overview and an understanding of project management techniques, and how they can be applied within a Durham University environment. This session also serves as a prerequisite for a series of optional workshops that focus upon key elements of project management:

  • Project Initiation (making sure the foundations are right for your project's success)
  • Risk Management (understanding, identifying and monitoring risks to your project)
  • Communication and Stakeholders (understanding who your project stakeholders are and communicating effectively with them.

To attend any of the following optional workshops you must have attended Introduction to Project Management (PRIDE) as either the standalone course or as part of ILM3.

Project Initiation

Effective planning from the outset is crucial to the success of every project, and yet too often we rush into delivery without really understanding what we are trying to achieve and what impact it will have. PRIDE stresses the importance of getting the early stages right and this workshop focuses on the development of the key documents used to set firm foundations for your project; the Project Mandate, Business Case and Project Initiation Document (PID).

Risk Management

Management of risks to your project is a key aspect of the project manager's role - enabling you to identify anything which might affect your project and either be prepared for it or prevent it happening altogether, thus reducing the chance of any nasty surprises! This workshop focuses upon the identification, understanding of potential impact and likelihood, and steps to mitigate risks to your project.

Communication and Stakeholders

As with every activity, communication is absolutely crucial to the success (both actual and perceived) of your project and yet is often the first activity to slip when the pressure is on. This workshop focuses upon understanding who your project stakeholders are, what they are interested in, and how and when you should communicate with them to achieve the best support for your project.

For more information on PRIDE and associated documents, please visit our website: