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Human Resources & Organisational Development

Leading People Through Change


Change is the only constant in life. This course explores how you can have 'creative conversations' with people to help them to take responsibility for their own future and enable them to grow through the experience of change.


  • Enables participants to progress from being a 'Manager of Change' to becoming an 'Enabler of Transition'.
  • It will focus heavily upon helping delegates to practice real conversations in challenging situations related to change.


  • The workshop will begin by understanding the emotional reactions that are experienced by people when faced with change.
  • An introduction to the approach needed for creative or courageous conversations will be presented. This will be followed by delegates working on planning an upcoming courageous conversation that they need to undertake.
  • Practice will be provided to delegates in undertaking change conversations in a variety of role play situations.
  • Delegates will understand how to frame change in their own minds and how they can develop role model behaviours related to accepting, leading and supporting change.


  • A practical understanding of how change can influence people differently.
  • A knowledge and confidence to undertake creative and courageous conversations.
  • An awareness of how to role model change leadership and make change exciting.
  • Delegates will leave the programme with a people-centric change action plan for a key change they have to implement in the near future.


The workshop will be interactive and enjoyable throughout, using a range of learning styles including group discussion, pair working, group working and self reflection.

Handouts will be provided. Slides will be provided electronically to all delegates.

Who is the Course Suitable For

Leaders and Managers who wish to support people through change.

Which of the ‘Realising Your Potential Approach’ Behaviours are supported by this course

This workshop will generally help indirectly with most of the Realising Your Potential Behaviours but specifically connects to:

Developing Self & Others

  • By understanding different thinking styles and behavioural attributes
  • By providing an effective and simple framework for coaching others

Embracing Change

  • By developing an understanding that change is now a constant in most organisations and necessary for continual development and improvement
  • By encouraging pro activity in looking for ways to do things more effectively or efficiently

Respecting Others

  • By understanding and empathising with people’s different reactions to change
  • By taking an individualised approach to team members through the observation of emotions.

Working Together

  • By understanding how to use effective questioning to surface conflict so that it may be addressed
  • By using the understanding of others perspectives to help reach agreement

Providing Leadership & Direction

  • With the provision of practical tools to lead people through change
  • By understanding how to role model effective change leadership through both actions and use of language

Finding Solutions

  • By learning how to use effective questioning to help people discover their own solutions rather than relying on line management for answers
  • By the effective use of positive language to help people to see opportunity through change

Achieving Results

  • By developing an ability to look at change holistically and develop an appreciation of how, if managed well, change helps organisations to develop competitive advantage and provide superior student experiences.
  • By understanding the practical and emotional change process, managers and leaders will develop an ability to accelerate their team members through the change curve, delivering better results in a shorter timeframe.


Full Day Seminar – Lunch Provided