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Human Resources & Organisational Development

Introduction to Coaching & Mentoring


Coaching and Mentoring can be a powerful form of support for career development in any sphere and provides a framework which can help a coachee/mentee develop confidence in their work. Ideally, it is a dynamic, collaborative, reciprocal relationship and focused on a coachee/mentee’s personal and professional development. This workshop focuses on Coaching and Mentoring from both participants’ perspective.


To help any prospective coach/mentor to understand more clearly what Coaching and Mentoring is; how and when the might be useful; what to look for and expect from a good coach/mentor, and what your part is in the process. The workshop will also guide you to useful resources within the University.


We will cover:

  • What Coaching and Mentoring is, and is not.
  • How mentoring differs from other types of support such as coaching and counselling.
  • What to expect from an effective coach/mentor & what the coachee/mentee can bring to the process in order to achieve maximum benefit.
  • A guide to Coaching and Mentoring support within Durham University.


  • Greater clarity about how Coaching and Mentoring might help you and what to look for in a coach/mentor.
  • A deeper understanding of the process, and how you can make the most of any Coaching and Mentoring relationship.
  • A better understanding of what support is available within the University.
  • An opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


This is a highly interactive and informal session with a mix of teaching and reflective exercises.

Who is the course suitable for

Any staff who wish to explore how they can use Coaching and Mentoring within their role and career.

Which of the ‘Realising Your Potential Approach’ Behaviours are supported by this course

This workshop will generally help indirectly with most of the Realising Your Potential Behaviours but specifically connects to:

Developing Myself & Others

  • Developing an awareness of the power of constructive feedback
  • Empowering others by helping them to take stock of a situation and identify workable solutions
  • Enhancing own development and skills and those of others by providing opportunities to listen, question and be an independent sounding board

Respecting Others

  • As a mentor sharing knowledge and skills and setting standards
  • Developing awareness of the individuals’ wellbeing by spending focussed time during the coaching and mentoring process, ensuring confidentiality is maintained.

Working Together

  • Promoting harmonious working relationships by supporting individuals to develop strategies to enhance other personal interactions

Finding Solutions

  • The role of a coach/mentor is to work with colleagues to identify their own solutions within the context in which they work

Providing Leadership and Direction

  • During the coaching and mentoring process providing the individuals with support and advice during periods of setbacks and change
  • Assisting others to develop resilience strategies to increase their confidence in their role


Half day

Future Study – ILM Endorsed Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring

Following attendance on this course, participants may wish to proceed onto the ILM Endorsed Course in Coaching and Mentoring where they will practically apply and reflect on Coaching and Mentoring techniques and in turn gain an ILM Endorsed Certificate in Coaching & Mentoring.