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Durham University

Human Resources & Organisational Development

Enhancing Communication using Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence has been found to be a critical skill for anyone who needs to build and maintain strong, effective relationships, whether those relationships be in or outside of the workplace. Indeed, there is a growing body of research which would suggest that for those placed in positions where they need to manage, influence or successfully engage others, it is their emotional intelligence (or their EQ) which will matter far more than their IQ. If you manage others in any capacity; if you need to influence or engage others in projects, or if you simply want to improve the quality of relationships within a team or group, then honing your emotional intelligence can bring about tangible benefits.

But what exactly is emotional intelligence and how can we develop it?

This workshop will introduce you to the 5 key components of emotional intelligence; give you an opportunity to assess your own abilities in these areas and consider a range of situations where you would find these skills useful as well as specific techniques which can make a tangible and positive difference to the quality of your working and personal relationships.


To help participants understand some of the fundamental principles behind emotional intelligence and how it can help us more effectively manage and influence key relationships and enhance our communication skills.


  • A clear understanding of what is meant by ‘emotional intelligence’ (EI) and its component disciplines.
  • An indication of our current ability in each component discipline
  • A clear understanding of the relevance of EI and its practical application in all aspects of everyday communication
  • Increased Self Awareness and understanding of our personal impact on others.
  • A toolkit of techniques to raise ability in communication and emotional intelligence coupled with an awareness of the benefits of doing so and a personal plan of action.


  • Increased awareness and ability to manage the emotions of self and others.
  • Raised ability to communicate effectively and assertively.
  • Better able to handle difficult conversations. Increased confidence.


The course is highly interactive, informative and enjoyable. The day includes a mixture of information, discussions, enlightening exercises and personal reflection.

Who is the course suitable for

This course is suitable for anyone who has a vested interest in improving their ability to communicate with or manage their relationships with others. Especially useful for individuals who need to manage, coach or influence other people successfully.

Which of the ‘Realising Your Potential Approach’ Behaviours are supported by this course

This workshop will generally help indirectly with most of the Realising Your Potential Behaviours but specifically connects to:

Developing myself and others

  • through increased awareness and ability to manage the emotions of self and others.

Achieving results

  • through a raised ability to communicate effectively and assertively

Respecting others

  • through more effective handling of difficult conversations or situations involving conflict

Working together

  • through developing better empathy and understanding of others’ perspectives

Finding solutions

  • through a more considered, collaborative and measured approach to challenges or differences of opinions


Full Day Seminar – Lunch Provided