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Human Resources & Organisational Development

Administering Meetings and Minute Taking


Supporting and administering meetings can be some of the most underrated skills in the administrative world. Often the task is given to people with no training, with little notice and meetings are run by people who don’t understand their role.

This course, facilitated by a former PA of 22 years, enables delegates to discuss their issues and find ways to solve their problems.


This one day workshop aims to enable delegates to have confidence when preparing for meetings, taking notes and writing minutes.


By the end of the workshops participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish between different types of meetings
    Delegates look at the different types of meetings in which they may be involved
  • Identify the purposes and benefits of meetings and minutes
    Why do we have meetings and minutes? How do they help us work efficiently?
  • Identify the key elements of a successful meeting
    The “What Works” for meetings.
  • Prepare different types of agenda
  • Identify and understand the role, responsibilities and skills of the minute taker
    Delegates establish a definition of the role of the minute taker and learn at least 10 skills to enable effective minute taking; these include listening, what to record, relationship with the chair, summarising, good English and more …..
  • Write better, more effective minutes
    Attendees get the opportunity to write a set of minutes based on what has been discussed during the day.
  • Identify and document an Action plan
    At the end of the day delegates put together a personal action plan with specific goals to improve the way they support meetings at the University.


  • Gain awareness of how to prepare for meetings
  • Understand how the meeting and minute taking process works
  • Find out how to avoid the fear of note taking
  • Understand how to deal with challenges during meetings
  • Be able to write concise and accurate minutes; know what to include
  • Learn the basics to include in a minute taking procedure document
  • Achieve more skills for your career development
  • An opportunity to share good practice with colleagues from around the University


The workshop will consist of inputs and individual, paired or small group work and practice. Delegates should come prepared to discuss their individual issues in regard of the subject area.

Who is the Course suitable for

This course is suitable for anyone who has to take notes at meetings and writes up minutes.

Which of the ‘Realising Your Potential Approach’ Behaviours are supported by this course

This workshop will generally help indirectly with most of the Realising Your Potential Behaviours but specifically connects to:

Achieving results

  • by maintaining a high standard of work even when under pressure, using appropriate skills to work effectively in order to meet deadlines

Using resources

  • using informal systems and channels of communication to inform and support objectives, making use of information and resources gained

Providing excellent support

  • by engaging effectively with internal and external customers

Working together

  • by understanding your own responsibilities alongside others, ensuring confidentiality, communicating effectively

Embracing change

  • by understanding and demonstrating a willingness to do things differently and more efficiently

Developing myself

  • by understanding, learning and applying a new range of skills to improve performance and efficient working practices


Full Day Seminar – Lunch Provided