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Durham University

Human Resources & Organisational Development

The Results

The team Results

# Team Name Steps
1st Sausage Rolls 2,192,063
2nd The Lower Side 1,994,071
3rd the picnickers 1,856,423
4th SREC STEPS 1,769,691
5th The Walktastic 5 1,705,363
6th Chemistry Trekkers 1,633,484
7th Team Procurement 1,542,232
8th Wandering Wonderers 1,486,318
9th Bionix 1,460,911
10th Central Durham Wanderers 1,448,917
11th TooLateForOtherTeam 1,393,604
12th Maths Marchers 1,385,151
13th The ASR amblers 1,341,812
14th 5-6-7-8 1,315,804
15th The Tortoise and the Hare 1,315,004
16th Advising your feet 1,302,028
17th Strictly Come Walking 1,290,685
18th The ASR Stars 1,288,110
19th finance buddies. 1,274,531
20th Val Wooff (1) 1,143,773
21st Keep on walking 1,120,176
22nd Collingwood A Team 1,103,049
23rd Research Operations 1,068,575
24th Slow Coaches 1,067,849
25th SoE Steppers 1,046,591
26th CREeps 1,033,157
27th Team ACS 1,009,299
28th Oriental Express 995,056
29th Walkforce Planning 993,859
30th HR Mgt Team 947,892
31st P...P...P... PAYROLL & PENSIONS 924,649
32nd Team Biosciences 920,170
33rd Caroline's Crusaders 912,244
34th Faculties Steppers 807,870
35th The real procurement 789,579
36th Chief Operating Officer 773,060
37th The PA Team! 719,306
38th Team CIS (past and present) 703,799
39th The Ecologists 689,191
40th PGL 531,413
41st Vice Chancellor 526,251
42nd Crazy Feet 255,185
43rd Sophie's Striders 250,205
44th Challenged Girls 153,744
45th Greenspace 150,360
46th Catering 129,509
47th Vice Chancellor 116,242
48th DUBS Alumni 108,000
49th Kimberley Workman1 93,864
50th DUBS 26,241
51st Slow coach to the Orient 24,094
52nd Team IARC 19,828

The Individuals

1st Place

1st Place Stewart Maughan
2nd Palce Joanne Gargett
Honourable mentions Jason Cooper
Kate Weightman
Karen Blundell