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Durham University

Human Resources & Organisational Development

People+ Portal

If you are logging into People+ to raise a staff request for a non-academic role at Grade 5 or above on a permanent basis or a fixed term contract of over 18 months you must provide a business case which outlines the following:-

  • why the role is business critical
  • whether it is new or a replacement post
  • if it is a replacement post, has the role been fully reviewed and what (if any) changes have been made
  • why you cannot appoint on a fixed term contract (or a shorter fixed term contract of it is over 23 months)
  • any alternatives which have been considered to undertake the work or service in a different way

The information should be entered into the ‘Additional Information’ field within the Staff Request form in People+ (please note the character limit for this section is 2000).

This requirement applies to recruitment in all PSS and Academic Departments across the University.

People+ Portal gives you access to the personal details that the University holds for you. Through the Portal you can:

  • view and update information such as your contact, payment and other personal details;
  • view information about your contract of employment to make it easier for you to keep your record accurate and up to date in future;
  • submit and approve expenses claims and advances
  • apply for job vacancies
  • manage job vacancy request and approvals
  • as a manager, view information about individuals in your team

Please note that if you are not a work group (team) manager or a Recruiting Administrator or a Recruiting Approver then you can automatically log in to People+ Portal off-site and do not need to request access. If you are a work group (team) manager or a Recruiting Administrator or Recruiting Approver and wish to access People+ Portal off-site you need to request secure remote access. This is because your profile gives you access to both your data and that of others in your team.

People+ User Guides