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Frequently Asked Questions

From the Oracle dashboard:

Me – Pay – Payslips

We are aware that a limited number of recent changes are not yet reflected within the system. Please check your data after 19th November, as all data should be updated by then. If you have any queries after this date please contact

We are aware of this presentational issue.

Our advisors are working to remedy the situation and present all positions.

Allowances will not appear on the portal as a pay element.

The allowance will appear separately on your payslip.

Please co-ordinate a response from your Dept Manager / Finance Administrator to your HR contact.

This is the default position for all Casual staff.

For Casual staff the actual number of hours worked should be provided via a timesheet.

Please email

Please co-ordinate a response from your Dept Manager / Finance Administrator to your HR contact.

We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it.

There are a small number of colleagues who are required to be set up manually to be able to claim expenses. If you are affected please raise a CIS Service desk ticket and we will endeavour to make you a priority.

Please resubmit the following day. If you are still facing issues then please contact the Helpdesk.

These issues have been resolved.

Either the worker or the line manager / administrator will need to complete a time sheet and enter the number of hours worked.

If entered by the worker it will require approval by the line manager.

An hourly rate should be stored in the system and so the pay can be calculated.

There is a user guide how to do this.

Yes, there is a bulk upload facility. Please contact Sharon Defty for more information.

Complete the PTT schedule* and upload to SharePoint (If you do not have access to SharePoint then contact .

If you have any queries about completing the spreadsheet contact payroll@durham

Oracle is designed to pay additional amounts accruing on a weekly basis. If you want the worker to receive the same amount each month then you need to average out the hours.

Calculate the number of hours required in each period (i.e the total divided by the number of instalments, request the bulk upload facility timesheet from Sharon Defty and enter the number of hours required for that month into a weekly timesheet.

If you only need to pay 10 hours you enter this in 1 week over 2*5 hour days

(it does not matter how it’s averaged down as long it does not total more than 37 hours in a week).

Continue entering until all the hours are recorded for that period.

You can retain the template and submit it again the following month.

Email Support