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Physiotherapy normally focusses on treating problems with muscles, joints and ligaments of the body. In the occupational health setting, physiotherapy can be used to help individuals recover faster from such problems and thus reduce the need for sick leave or to aid a speedy return to work.

To organise an appointment with the Physiotherapist you will firstly need to be referred by your line manager to the occupational health department. If appropriate you will then be allocated an appointment to see the physiotherapist. Please note our physio clinic takes place on a Friday morning.

On your first session the physiotherapist will assess your problems and compile a treatment plan. This session could involve a ‘hands on’ examination of the affected area so please bring suitable clothing. During the session you will be given an indication as to what the problem is and how best to proceed with treatment. Once you have been assessed the physiotherapist will agree future sessions which could include massage, manipulation, acupuncture, exercises and stretches.

This is very much dependent on the condition. For some problems physiotherapy can be curative, whilst for other issues it could simply be preventative or geared towards self- management (if the condition is chronic). Normally, some benefits are achieved from seeing the Physiotherapist.

  • Assessment and treatment of Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Massage
  • Manipulation
  • Acupuncture
  • Neurological, Rheumatological and Respiratory assessment and treatment
  • Spinal rehabilitation

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Hirsch Tailor Chartered Occupational Health Physiotherapist