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Notice of resignation


Notice of termination of employment*

Grades 1-5

One month

Minimum one month, this increases in line with statutory requirements by one week per year from year five, up to a maximum of 12 weeks.

Grade 6

Three months

Three months

Grades 7-9

Three months

Six months

* in normal circumstances

The notice period given by the University during probationary periods will be one month for Grades 1 to 6 and three months for Grades 7 to 9.

In order to advise Human Resources of any changes to personal details please complete the appropriate section(s) of the following form, once complete please return to Human Resources as soon as possible. NB: You can update most of your details on-line using the Oracle Portal here.

Changes include: Marital Status, Home Address and Telephone Number, Title, Emergency contacts, Bank details and should be submitted to Business Support in time for the payroll deadline - currently 10th of the month

Please note, if your marital status changes and you are a member of USS or DUPS you must inform Salaries Office and supply evidence of the change e.g. marriage certificate/civil partnership certificate and spouse’s birth certificate, divorce/separation/dissolve documents. If you have been awarded a PhD please attach a copy of the pass list

Salary is paid monthly by credit transfer into your nominated bank/building society account. Pay day is the penultimate working day of the month. Please note, Pay day is usually earlier in December.

If the worker is new to the University you need to provide HR with a Casual New Starter Form, supplying evidence of a successful eligibility to work check. Full details are available at Once all the worker's details have been entered into Oracle, HR will inform you of the employee ID number and appointment ID via SharePoint.

If the worker is already working for the University you should use their current employee ID number but you will need a new appointment ID. If you are in doubt about their number please contact your HR representative within Business Support or if you need to check their eligibility to work status, please contact Paula Christon in HR on 46514.

Please complete a casual new starter appointment form and save a authorised paperwork copy in your department's SharePoint folder.

Further information about the taxable fees process can be found on

Every employee has one unique Employee ID number but for every different post that you hold in the University you will have a different Appointment ID, this helps us to differentiate between your contracts and ensure that any changes are applied to the correct post. Casual members of staff will require a separate Appointment ID for work in different departments and also for different types of work.

All staff have a responsibility, under their contract of employment and / or under the terms of the Sickness Pay Scheme, to contact their department as early as possible on the first day of absence; and no later than normal commencement of work or shift start time. This is important as alternative arrangements (to ensure that all necessary work is covered) may have to be put into place. You will need to give the reason for the absence and the date you expect to return to work and/or agree when you will next be in contact with your department with further information. When you return to work, depending upon the duration of the absence you will need to complete the following:

  • If you are absent for up to 3 calendar days, you are not required to provide evidence of incapacity.
  • If your absence extends to a 4th day and lasts up to 7 calendar days, a self-certification form should be completed and returned to your departmental absence administrator .
  • If your absence lasts longer than 7 calendar days, a Doctor's certificate (fit note) must be forwarded direct to your departmental absence administrator and you should inform your Line Manager of the period of absence covered by the certificate. In this event, the Doctor's Certificate (fit note) will be accepted as evidence of incapacity for the first 7 days and it will not then be necessary to complete the self-certificate.

Please note:

Until such time as a Doctor's Certificate (fit note) is received it is your responsibility to inform your Line Manager on a daily basis of any continuing absence.

You should inform your Line Manager of the period of absence covered by the certificate.

Failure to comply with the reporting requirements could mean that a period of absence will be treated as unauthorised absence and sick payments withheld.

Entitlement to sick pay depends on the length of service with the University. For full details, please see section 11 of the University Terms and Conditions of Employment. The following scheme applies to all staff within the Durham Graded Pay Structure.

Full Pay*

Half Pay*

First 3 months of service

2 weeks

2 weeks

After 3 months

2 months

2 months

Years 2 and 3

3 months

3 months

Years 4 and 5

5 months

5 months

After 5 years

6 months

6 months

*Please note, full and half pay is based on that due to the member of staff and not the full-time equivalent.

Further details of the University’s Sick Pay scheme and Sickness Absence policy can be found on the HR website at

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