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Durham University

Annual Development Review (ADR)

Roles & Responsibilities

  • To ensure that the ADRs are carried out for their part of the University.
  • To ensure that Heads of Departments/Colleges/Sections are briefed on relevant University strategies, objectives and priorities before the reviews begin.
  • If staff are put forward for an “exceptional contribution” award or academic staff are applying for promotion, that the ADR form and the outcomes of the discussion are used as supporting evidence.
  • To allocate reviewers to reviewees.
  • To ensure that all the ADRs are completed for their part of the organisation and to report this to the appropriate Divisional Head.
  • To ensure that all staff are briefed of the appropriate departmental strategy before the review discussion takes place so that discussions about objectives and development are within the context of the strategy.
  • To review the outcomes of the ADR process so that key themes are identified.
  • To provide a brief report/summary to staff within their department regarding the key departmental themes arising from the ADRs. Please click here for the outline of departmental summary.
  • To forward the training and development needs for their department to the Centre for Academic, Researcher and Organisation Development.
  • To receive the relevant part of the ADR and to distil out the key themes, successes and challenges with respect to research, REF, learning and teaching and TEF.
  • To undertake the required training and development prior to holding review discussions.
  • To ensure that they are up to date with respect to current and future departmental strategies and priorities.
  • To make arrangements for the review meetings giving the reviewee adequate notice.
  • To receive the reviewee’s preparation work and suggested agenda items and to agree an agenda prior to the review meeting.
  • To ensure that the meeting is open, supportive and constructive.
  • To ensure that the ADR form is completed after the discussion and distributed to the Head of Department/College/Section.
  • To arrange follow-up meetings and discussions with the reviewee on progress towards objectives and development needs.
  • To prepare for the meeting by reading the ADR guidelines and completing the appropriate ADR form.
  • To reflect upon own performance and to consider priorities for the future and any development needs.
  • To participate in an open and constructive conversation with the reviewer.
  • To complete any follow up actions discussed in the ADR discussion.

To participate in follow-up discussions with the reviewer.

  • To provide guidance and training for reviewers and reviewees.
  • To monitor, through the Divisional Heads, the take up of the ADR process.
  • To undertake reviews of the ADR process to ensure that it is implemented effectively and consistently and that it adds value to the University.