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Durham University

Annual Development Review (ADR)

Annual Development Review (ADR)

The University’s Strategy to 2027 is underpinned by a set of characteristics and values:

Welcoming - We are open friendly

Collegiate -We prize our colleges and sense of community

Inclusive - We value each other and embrace difference

Motivated – We like to participate and achieve our goals

Inquisitive – We prize intellectual freedom and curiosity

Challenging – We like to push boundaries and ourselves

Rigorous – We value knowledge and clear thinking

Innovative – We work at the frontier to improve lives

The University’s strategic objectives underpinned by these characteristics and values will enable the university to deliver world-leading and world-changing research across all core academic departments and institutes; education that is challenging, difficult, enabling, research-led and transformative; and, through our Colleges, Experience Durham and Durham Students’ Union, a wider student experience to rival the best in the world.

The University’s People Strategy is aligned with the characteristics and values outlined above and reinforces the University’s commitment to the professional development and support of all staff irrespective of role and grade

The Annual Development Review provides our staff with appropriate feedback and focussed development opportunities which will enable them to maximise their contribution towards the continued success of Durham University. It is a process through which all our employees have the opportunity to reflect upon their performance, consider goals and priorities for the future and what support and learning and development will enable them to reach their full potential.

The Annual Development Review is designed based on the understanding that the updating of technical and professional skills and knowledge is an on-going activity enabling our staff to contribute to the success of their team, department and University as a whole.

Please note the Annual Development Review policy is under review for all colleagues that are eligible to be considered by the academic progression and promotion process.