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Hearing the Voice

Hearing the Voice: New Research Exploring the Varieties of Psychological Experience

What is it like to hear voices that no-one else can hear? And how would you explain that to another person? Hearing the Voice is a research project at Durham University that is aiming to answer questions such as these. The project includes researchers from many different backgrounds, including philosophers, theologians, psychologists, literary theorists, and historians, and together we’re attempting to explore a wide variety of voice, vision, and communication experiences. Although such experiences are sometimes associated with mental illness, we are taking a wider view and listening to different experiences of voice hearing, each on their own terms.

Amongst other experiences of hearing voices, we would like to learn more about spirit voices heard by mediums and others in the context of spiritualist practice. We would be keen to hear from anyone with experience of voice hearing who might be interested in taking part in our research. We run many different kinds of studies across the UK, ranging from interviews and questionnaires, to psychology studies and brain scanning.

If you are interested in taking part in our research, please have a look at our project blog and fill out the contact form below. A researcher will then get in touch with you about our current studies.

If you have any questions, or would like one of our team to give a short presentation at your local branch, you can reach us by email or telephone (0191 3348163).