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Durham University


WARPit - Furniture and Equipment Reuse


WARPit (Waste Action Reuse Portal) is an electronic portal which makes the process of reusing furniture, stationery and other agreed items internally, more efficient.

Rather than buy new or dispose/recycle any unwanted items, there are many ways that University-owned furniture and equipment (including stationery) that is in good condition and fit for purpose but no longer required, can be offered for use elsewhere within University departments and colleges. A full catergory list of all reusable items is available to assist with providing details of what can be reused internally.

All University staff will be able to register to use the system on the WARPit site to offer or claim items for internal reuse.

Registered staff members can sign up to receive a nightly or weekly email showing what has been listed that day or week – making it really quick easy to see what is on offer. The system is very easy to use as items are selected from a drop down list and dimensions, location etc… can also be added. Photographs can be uploaded too!

Why Use WARPit?

There are many benefits to reusing existing items, including:

  • Reduce waste disposal costs
  • Reduce procurement costs
  • Reduce supply chain waste and carbon emissions
  • Lower carbon emissions relating to the manufacture and transport of new items
  • Helps with building clearances

The rules for using WARPit can be found here.

A full set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be found below and these are split into two categories:

  • How to use the system - which explains the registration, offering and claiming processes
  • WARPit calculations - which explains the way WARPit calculates carbon and financial savings

If you have any other questions relating to using WARPit please contact Greenspace.