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Freshers 2018

As a member of Durham University you are part of a community which is proud to be committed to Environmental Sustainability. This is a commitment which has led to the development of some challenging carbon reduction targets and we all have an important part to play. There are therefore a few key actions that you need to complete before you arrive at Durham University.

Online Sustainability Module

This is a short interactive course which you should complete before arrival at Durham University. To access the module please log in to your duo account, look for and click on 'Environmental Sustainability Training Module' under 'My Organisations & Online Training'.

Freshers Fairs

Greenspace staff and Student Environment Reps attend the Freshers Fair each year in October to promote the ongoing environmental work here at Durham University, explain the importance of environmental sustainability and encourage students to take part in environmental activities both in colleges and more widely across the university.


Laptop/PC Setup

If you are bringing your own PC or laptop, please ensure that if it is plugged into the mains it is set up to enter hibernation mode if left unused for 15 minutes. Please also close the cover when not in use. Please follow the literature from CIS regarding other set up requirements for your PC or laptop.

Electrical Equipment

Please refer to your College Handbook for regulations regarding electrical items in student accommodation. This gives details of the PAT testing requirements for such items as well as providing a list of electrical goods not permitted in student rooms. Please note electric heaters and electric blankets are not permitted in student rooms.

'Beat the Baseload' Stickers

During Induction Week the 'Beat the Baseload' stickers will be explained to you and you will see the Green, Amber and Red stickers in communal locations in college. You should make use of these and place them on the plug of any electrical item you place in your room. These are to act as a reminder to you to switch off electrical equipment when not in use. Housekeeping may refer to these stickers if electrical equipment is left on in a vacant room.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

If the radiator in your room has a Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV), please apply good practice and set it to a maximum of 4 when you are in and a minimum of 3 when you are out. The University's Energy Management Strategic Plan states that college rooms will be heated at set times throughout the day. Your radiator will turn off when your room has reached temperature and turn on during heating times when your room is under temperature.

Green Travel

The University strongly discourages unnecessary usage of motor vehicles by students. This is not only due to environmental considerations but also due to the limited parking provision on the University estate. Students are instead encouraged to walk or cycle around the city and to travel via public transport. There is an inter-campus bus which offers free transport between Durham and Queen's Campus on production of a valid campus ID card. A timetable and further information are available at Information on cycling around Durham and Stockton and the related user groups can be found at

To Find Out More

There are a number of ways in which you can find out more about the University’s environmental commitment and initiatives as well as how you can get involved: