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Energy Camapign - Michaelmas 2010

This term we are focusing on reducing all 'non-essential' energy in the University. We have set ourselves a target of a 30% carbon reduction by 2013/14, based on a 2008/9 baseline. This target is in line with Government and Hefce targets. Reducing our non-essential energy consumption or energy 'wastage' will go a long way towards achieving our 30% reduction.

The amount of energy 'wastage' can be dramatically reduced by the behavioural actions of our staff and students.  

To this end the Greenspace office has organised a targeted energy campaign for Michaelmas term 2010. This campaign will focus on all departments and colleges and monthly league tables will be produced showing which departments / colleges have reduced their energy consumption the most. This league table will be updated on a monthly basis and will be available on this web page. 

Some of the initiatives we are running are:

  • An 'Action-a-Week' - encouraging you to perform a specific energy saving action a week and hopefully continuing to do this after the week has passed. This will be sent out to all Environment Champions and Student Environment Reps on a Friday afternoon and will be in signposts and plasma screens around the University as well.
  • Weekly 'switch-off' hours - on a Friday afternoon from 2-3pm, you will be encouraged to turn off all non-essential appliances and partake in activities that require low/no electrical consumption. A reminder for this will be sent out to all Environment Champions and Student Environment Reps on a Wednesday afternoon to promote to their peers.
  • Distribution of energy stickers -Your department / college has recieved new 'switch it off' stickers for lights and electrical appliances, 'Turn it off' stickers for taps and 'Close it' stickers for windows and doors.
  • Production of handbooks - for Environment Champions and JCR Environment Reps - these will contain helpful actions on how to reduce energy as well as information on University policies and procedures. 
  • Screensavers and plasma screens - Energy posters and the 'action a week' will be displayed on all NPCS screensavers and all college / department plasma screens. 

As well as the general campaign there is also an inter-collegiate energy competition which is focussed primarily on students (as the winning JCR gets a cash award) but will take the actions of all staff to help drive this consumption down.

We really do need the help and involvement of all staff and students to achieve our carbon reduction target and reducing energy 'wastage' is a great way to do this without impinging on research and teaching.

The monthly consumption graphs can be found here.