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Durham Bicycle Users Group

Whether you cycle in to work every day in all weathers, or if you are a fair-weather cyclist choosing to cycle only on a couple of sunny days a year, DBUG exists to make things a little bit easier for all Durham University cyclists

Cycling to work - cheaper than petrol, quicker than walking!

Cycling at Durham

Cycling reduces pollution in our City. It reduces traffic on our roads and the number of cars crammed in on University grounds. Cycling is also fun, sociable and healthy: it's cheaper than petrol, and quicker than walking. Even if you just walk your bike up the hills you will still get fitter (regular cyclists have the health of an average person ten years younger!) and enjoy a clean, efficient, and more relaxed form of transport.

Durham Bicycle Users Group was set up in 2006 as a forum for cyclists working in Durham City colleges and departments. We want to make it easier for people to cycle to work and encourage more people to use bikes around the University. We're keen to work closely with other sustainable living programmes across the University.

We're currently involved in putting together a request for more secure cycle parking across the University in Durham. We also organise events, such as lunch hour bike rides, and our Bike Week events in June every year.

Cyclists are represented through DBUG at the University's Greenspace Advisory Group and also its Green Travel Plan Steering Group.

Please contact us on if you want to join us or want more information.

Why Cycle?

According to Sustrans:

  • Cycling is the least polluting way of travelling after walking
  • Ten bikes can be parked in the space of one car
  • 2kg of carbon are saved for every short journey that is made using a bike instead of a car

For more on cycling from the Sustrans website see the link on the right of this page

DBUG events

See the DBUG events list

DBUG Meetings: Every 1st Thursday of the month, 12.30 pm - 1.30 pm at the Calman Learning Centre Cafe, on the Science Site

DBUG on duo

Join the DBUG site in duo where you'll find lots of information on cycling in Durham, as well as space to let us know what you think and put questions to fellow Durham cyclists.

To join the duo DBUG site:

First, log in to DUO with your ITS username and password

Then click on this link to access the Bicycle Users Group self-enrolment page, and click submit

If you have problems doing this, please write to

We hope you find this resource useful!

Queen's Campus Bicycle Users Group

If you are a cyclist at Stockton Queen's Campus there is more information on Queen's BUG's web pages. The DBUG duo pages are open to cyclists at both campuses.

Bike group members near Old Durham

DBUG Lunchtime Bike Ride

DBUG Lunch Hour Bike Ride

DBUG Members escape the office for an excursion to Old Durham

The weather couldn't have been more perfect on 7 May when we headed out to Old Durham on the National Cycle Network Route. This is an excellent traffic-free section, leading from Sherburn Road near the Dragonville Industrial Estate, heading down to the river Wear, and continuing right to the city centre. The views of the Cathedral and surrounding countryside are exceptional.

Maps illustrating the NCN paths in and around Durham are available from Tourist Information in Durham city centre.