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Durham University


Carbon Management Projects

Ring-Fenced Carbon Budget

Applications for the second round are now open until Monday 16th March 2020!

We have been given a £100k ring-fenced budget for Carbon saving projects in the University. This money is a product of the finance related to energy savings. We realise that many of the ideas to save additional carbon are unable to be funded so this is a great opportunity to help your Department / College save its contribution to our carbon reduction target. This ring-fenced fund will be given to the Carbon Management Team every year to help realise additional carbon savings in Departments and Colleges, moving us closer to our Carbon reduction targets as set out in our Carbon Management Plan. This is a revenue fund so can be spent on anything from training or publicity materials to timer switches or new equipment. Therefore, any ideas to save carbon in your Department / College may have been highlighted during the 'Environment' agenda item in your team meetings and we welcome submissions from everyone.

Since 2011, 32 behavioural and 72 non-behavioural projects have been awarded a total £670k, with the cumulative carbon savings of these projects amounting to 816 tonnes of CO2 per year. The first £100k was allocated to 19 projects in 2011/2012, 24 projects in 2012/2013, 12 projects in 2013/14, 9 projects in 2014/15, 13 projects in 2015/16, 7 projects in 2016/17 and 6 projects in 2017/18.

Please bid for some of this money using the project template. Please ensure that all the relevant discussions have taken place with your Head of Department/College as well as Estates and Buildings and the appropriate person in your area to determine permissions, costs and savings prior to submission. Please return all finalised submissions to All bids will be assessed by a sub-team of the University's Carbon Management Team.

An 'Update for applicants' document has been produced which explains the scoring matrix and the types of projects which may not attract funding.

Emission conversion factors can be found here.

On reviewing past installations, the payback for a hydroboil unit is not strong based on its energy saving potential. With this in mind the hydroboil projects should be funded by another means where energy saving is not the primary driver but is more of an added benefit. It is therefore advised that people do not submit applications for hydroboil units.


The following projects were undertaken within the first plan:

  • An ITS System to shut down staff PCs at 19:30hrs. Monday to Friday
  • An ITS System to ensure all non-MDS PCs are on a nightly shutdown regime
  • Behavioural change for students, general staff and environmental champions
  • Electric cars
  • Colour-coded kitchen equipment
  • Reviewing college menus
  • Optimisation of system use initiatives
  • Capital maintenance and college refurbishments projects 5 year plan (55 planned projects)
  • Energy-efficiency initiatives stage 1 (27 non-behavioural projects)
  • Energy-efficiency initiatives stage 2 (12 non-behavioural projects)
  • Energy-efficiency initiatives (13 behavioural projects that support culture change within the university)
  • Reduce waste going to landfill by increasing recycling targets

The below projects were the successful applications for the 2016/17 Ring - Fenced Carbon Budget


Chemistry Oven

Chemistry Department


Dining Hall Lighting

Trevelyan College


Insulated Doors

St Aidan’s College


LED System in Displays

Palace Green Library


Chiller System



Turbo Upgrade



Rotary Pumps



Replace Exhibition Projectors



Liberty Blue



Freezer Replacement

Earth Sciences


Middleton Block Corridor Lighting

Van Mildert