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About Greenspace

In order to bring all of our environmental initiatives and activities together, the name and concept of 'Greenspace' has been devised. Greenspace is the name for Durham University's Environment Team. Greenspace plans and promotes all of the University's Environmental Policies, Plans and Procedures and coordinates a range of environmental initiatives including those set out in its Environment Schedule. Greenspace communications centre around a group of icons which represent sections of our Environment Strategy. There are nine icons in total, including the overall Greenspace icon. These are: Biodiversity, Energy, Fairtrade, Low Carbon Technologies, Travel, Procurement, Waste, and Water. We have also created a 'Reduce Carbon Emissions' logo which relates to all activities contained within our Carbon Management Plan.

Greenspace have a regular slot at every staff induction event and Freshers Fair, and there is a comprehensive information pack which goes to Colleges for Fresher inductions.

We strongly recommend that all staff and students complete the online 'Environmental Sustainability Training Module' which can be accessed from the duo homepage under ‘My Organisations & Online Training’. It includes video clips from staff and students talking about work undertaken, schemes in place across the University and information on how people can help. The training will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The links below have information on our enviromental policies and procedures, groups, Greenspace staff, environmental credentials and environmental news and events.

Plans, Policies and Procedures

Environment Schedule

Groups and Teams


Environmental Credentials