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Graduate School

Progression & Classification

The University’s Core Regulations for Postgraduate Degrees outline the examination and assessment regulations for different awards, indicating what you must pass and the marks you must get to achieve different classifications (e.g. pass, pass with merit, pass with distinction).

The current Core Regulations for Graduate Diplomas and Graduate Certificates and for Modular Taught Masters Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas and Certificates are available from these webpage, alongside other core documents such as the Generic Assessment Criteria and Qualification and Level Descriptors:

These University regulations are supported by programme regulations which indicate any additional, programme-specific requirements. In some programmes, there are also specific modules which must be passed in order for you to continue studying. These requirements will be indicated in the programme regulations and/or modules outlines. All programme regulations and module outlines are available from:

Older versions of the Core Regulations and Programmes Regulations are available from the University Calendar Archive and Postgraduate Module Archive respectively

Boards of Examiners

Once your work has been submitted & marked, it will be considered at a meeting of your programme's Board of Examiners. The Board will agree marks and confirm whether each module has been passed or failed. After the Board has met, pass lists will published online. The pass lists indicate the outcomes for all students and will confirm:

  • whether you have passed or failed your programme;
  • whether you are required to resit any examinations and/or resubmit any coursework.