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Graduate School

Examination & Assessment


The assessments you will take during your programme are usually listed in departmental handbooks, and are accessible online from the postgraduate module handbook. Departments will provide information on the assessment criteria for different programmes and, where relevant, modules or types of assessment (e.g. oral presentation, dissertation).

University-level guidance on how the quality of assessment is assured is available online:


General University on Examination is available from the Student Planning & Assessment webpages:

Serious Adverse Circumstances

If there are circumstances which will prevent you from completing an assignment by the agreed deadline, you must contact your department to seek an extension to that deadline before it passes.

 there were circumstances affecting your performance in examinations and assessment which: were beyond your control; seriously affected your study; and led to you failing to perform to full potential in one or more summative assessments, then you should use the form below from the Learning and Teaching handbook to present an appropriate case to the Board of Examiners.

It is your responsibility to bring such problems to the attention of your department as soon as possible. Where appropriate you should provide evidence such as a doctor's certificate. Boards of Examiners can only take such problems into account if they have been informed of your situation in advance of the meeting.