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Graduate School

Outcomes of the Examination Process

Once your thesis has been submitted, your examiners are asked to examine your thesis over three months. During this period a date will normally be set for the oral examination where necessary. After the oral examination both of the examiners will submit their reports to the Academic Support Office for approval by the Deputy Head of Faculty. You will receive written notification of their recommendation as follows:

1. Award the degree:

  • forthwith - you will be asked to submit your thesis electronically. Once submited will receive a pass list and be allowed to graduate.
  • with major or minor corrections - this normally means that there are typographical, grammatical and/or editorial errors that need correcting before the thesis is approved. Details of the corrections required will normally be made clear at the oral examination or a list attached to the examiners report. Once the corrections have been made they will be checked by the internal examiner. You will then be asked to submit your thesis electronically. Once submited will receive a pass list and be allowed to graduate.

2. Do not award the degree but:

  • ask for it to be resubmitted in a revised form - in this case the thesis requires more substantial revision. In this case the thesis will be re-examined and a fee charged. A further oral examination is not always required, though examiners may request this. The examiners may then recommend the award of the degree forthwith, with major or minor corrections, to award the appropriate Master's degree or to fail the thesis.
  • award the appropriate Masters degree - this applies to Doctoral level theses only in cases where the thesis is deemed unsatisfactory for a Doctoral level award but suitable for a Masters level award.

In each case your supervisor will be sent copies of the examiners' reports and be able to advise you on how to improve your thesis ready for resubmission.

3. Do not award the degree, and require the student to withdraw.