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MSc Global Politics


Professor David Held

Professor in the School of Government and International Affairs

Master of University College

Research Interests

  • Democracy and Democratisation
  • Global Governance
  • Globalisation and Global Policy
  • Multilateralism and Multilateral Institutions

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Dr Pietro Maffettone

Programme director

Research Interests

  • Political Theory
  • International Ethics
  • Global Justice
  • John Rawls
  • Distributive Justice

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Dr Or Raviv

Research Interests

  • Global Political Economy
  • Financialisation, Financial Crisis & Global Financial Governance
  • European Political Economy & the Political Economy of the EU
  • Heterodox Economic Theories

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Dr Eva-Maria Nag

Executive Editor Global Policy Journal

MSc Global Politics Video Series

Carlo Gallo & Political Risk: Analytical Methods, Global Trends, and Careers

Carlo Gallo & Political Risk: Analytical Methods, Global Trends, and Careers

Views: 253

Dr Carlo Gallo, Founder and Director of Enquirisk, talks to Global Policy about analytical methods, global trends, and careers within the field of Political Risk.

What our students say

The close-knit nature of the Global Politics MSc has allowed me to closely engage both with our lecturers, and fellow students in the program. The course has inspired us to debate economic and moral issues pertaining to World politics long after classes are over and made me feel part of an intellectual community not simply enrolled in a degree.

Sam George

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