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MSc Global Politics

What our students say

“The MSc in Global Politics has distinguished itself from many of SGIA's courses by way of its diversity. Alongside four core modules which provide the theoretical and empirical underpinnings of global governance, we are given total autonomy to choose from a huge array of optional modules. For this reason, the course is perfect for meeting your own specific goals and learning objectives, and your learning can be as broad or as focussed as you wish in order to provide a wide overview of the political system or to be tailored to a certain career path. Overall, the freedom afforded to students within this programme was what attracted me.”

Matthew Blow, 2015/16

“The MSc Global Politics offers a unique learning experience! It allowed me to gain a critical perspective on global affairs in a truly stimulating academic environment. Our lecturers and the Global Policy Journal staff were always available to answer our questions and share ideas. This made my time in Durham incredibly fruitful from both the professional and academic point of view. The MSc Global Politics also offers great networking opportunities both within Durham University and at the global level thanks to regular events organised in the framework of the Programme. I strongly recommend the MSc Global Politics to those wishing to pursue a career in research. Thanks to the content of the programme and the support that I received throughout this year, I feel ready to undertake independent research at a high level.”

Eleonora Milazzo, 2015/16

“The MSc Global Politics at Durham University is enriched by the amazing diversity of both its students and academic staff. The department is not only interdisciplinary but highly international, which strengthens the global component of the course. The curriculum leads to in depth debates about current global issues, not only from a technical perspective but from an ethical point of view. This Programme offers as much as a student could wish in terms of academic opportunities and intellectual challenges. From the internship at the Global Policy Journal to the Global Politics Lecture Series (featuring some of the leading researches in the subject) the only thing a student lacks, is time to attend all the extracurricular opportunities. One of the things I enjoyed the most from SGIA is its community environment. In spite of its huge diversity, is noticeable how students, staff and lecturers can interact intimately, creating a friendly and encouraging atmosphere to work.”

Rene Rejon-Pina, 2015/16

“ The stimulating delivery of depth and detail by our tutors in the weekly seminars has been one of the greatest drivers behind the momentum on this course. Furthermore, the variety of cultural and academic backgrounds of my classmates have made for some very interesting discussions reflecting on a plethora of perspectives I would have not been exposed to otherwise. I also really enjoyed the work I do with the Global Policy Journal, (which is related to the course) Working for the journal allowed me to interview, together with other GP interns, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay and that was definitely a great experience. ”

Annie Fairchild, 2014/15

“The close-knit nature of the Global Politics MSc has allowed me to closely engage both with our lecturers, and fellow students in the program. The course has inspired us to debate economic and moral issues pertaining to World politics long after classes are over and made me feel part of an intellectual community not simply enrolled in a degree. The international environment of the department as a whole also reinforces the inherently global nature of politics in the current era, both solidifying the relevance of the programme and affirming my choice in the context of my future trajectory. ”

Sam George, 2014/15

“ I felt a natural attraction to Durham University because of its heritage and its outstanding academic reputation both in the UK and abroad, but what I really enjoy the most is the interdisciplinary nature of the MSc Global Politics and the unique opportunity to tailor my study path for my future career as a diplomat.”

Isotta Crisafulli, 2013/14

“The intimate environment in which we get to learn allows us to really engage with our professors, have them challenge us, and make us think about the world in new ways, and as a masters student you cannot ask for more than that. This is truly a global programme, it brings together a wide range of disciplines from social sciences and humanities.”

Kirill Sinitsyn, 2013/14

MSc Global Politics Video Series

Anjalika Bardalai & Economic Risk: Methods, Financial Trends, and Careers

Anjalika Bardalai & Economic Risk: Methods, Financial Trends, and Careers

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Anjalika Bardalai, Chief Economist and Head of Research at TheCityUK, talks to Global Policy about analytical methods, current financial trends, and careers within the field of economic risk.