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Durham University

Governance and Executive Support

Boards of Studies: Membership as approved by Council and Senate, February 2019

There are four categories of membership

(a) Ex Officio Members

(i) The Vice-Chancellor and Head of the relevant Faculty.

(ii) All those holding permanent (non-fixed term) Academic and Teaching Track appointments within the relevant Department / School.

(iii) Such other appointees as may be approved by the Vice-Chancellor on the nomination of the Head of the relevant Faculty.

(b) Student Members

  • (i) There shall be at least one (and no more than two) representative(s) drawn from each of the undergraduate, taught postgraduate, and research student communities respectively and where applicable (where the Board of Studies offers relevant programmes) appointed from its Student/Staff Consultative Committee(s) and Research Postgraduate Committees.
  • (ii) Student Members will not receive papers or engage in discussion on appointments, promotions and matters affecting the personal role of employees of the University, or the admission and academic assessment of students.

(c) Appointed Members

(i) Staff as the relevant Faculty Head may from time to time determine on the recommendation of the Board of Studies. Boards shall ensure that the following categories of staff (as appropriate to the Department, and at Grades 6 and above) are represented through Appointed Membership:

  • Teaching staff not on the Teaching Track;
  • Fixed-term members of staff;
  • Research Track staff;
  • Practice Track staff;
  • Experimental officers (or equivalent)
  • Subject to the approval of the Head of Faculty, other categories of teaching/research staff as the Board may recommend

(ii) One representative from each of the four Professional Services Job Families represented within the Department.

(iii) The number of Appointed Members should be less than 50% of the number of Ex Officio members. Appointed membership is for a period of three years with the option for renewal.

(iv) Boards shall ensure that recommendations for Appointed Membership are balanced and representative of the categories of staff within the Department

(d) Observers

(i) The Board may invite a member (or members) of professional support staff (e.g. a HR Business Partner) to attend meetings of the Board as required.

(ii) Observers may speak at Board meetings on invitation from the Chair (but do not have the right to vote).

Boards are requested to ensure that their membership is up to date, and that details are shared with University Secretary’s Office to facilitate the updating of the online University Calendar. A template for the collation of a Board of Studies membership is available

For guidance regarding the interpretation and application of membership criteria, please contact James Walsh in the first instance.