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Governance and Executive Support

Effectiveness Review of Boards of Studies

What is the Effectiveness Review of Boards of Studies?

The Effectiveness Review was established by Senate in 2017. It will focus upon reviewing the effectiveness of Boards in supporting the delivery of the University Strategy, the operational effectiveness of Boards, their interrelationship with other parts of the University’s governance structure and with the role of Head of Department.

What are Boards of Studies?

Boards of Studies are established as part of the University’s governance structure, and their powers and membership set out in Statutes 1,4, and 29). The scope of their responsibility is to consider any matter relating to the teaching or administration of a Board’s own subject area and to make recommendations to such one or more of other Bodies established by Senate as may be appropriate

A Board’s principal role is to ensure the academic advancement of the subject area it represents, inside the University and, where appropriate, outside the University. (Joint Standing Order 4.2 sets out a range of objectives that a Board should work towards)

Boards of Studies also play a role in the Head of Department selection process by identifying and presenting a recommendation of a nominee to the relevant Head of Faculty.

What will the Review Do?

There are three stages to the Review. We are currently in Stage 2 of the review.

How can I engage with the Review?

Boards of Studies have submit a formal response to the Evidence Gathering Stage, along with many other individuals. The Academic Electoral Assembly are also supporting consultation and engagement. You are now invited to respond to the Green Paper by completing the web-form below. The Evidence Paper and its appendices are also available here.

It you have any queries regarding the Effectiveness Review, please contact John Marsh

Effectiveness Review of Boards of Studies
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