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Durham University


Tool Instructions

The CAVERTI Tool has been designed to help visualize factors affecting the risk of soil erosion occurring on arable land as a result of heavy rainfall events, and to identify measures to help reduce risk. Primarily, the tool is designed for reference by farmers, landowners and the Wear Rivers Trust, as a resource to help visualize risks of rapid runoff and sedimentation occurring on land within the drainage basin of the River Wear and to help identify and target interventions for areas at higher risk.

Click on the CAVERTI Tool: you will see eight risk factor categories (in header tabs across the page) from "Slope" to "Boundaries". You will also see two additional tabs: Risk Summary and Interventions.

Follow the steps below to work through the tool.

Within each risk factor tab ("Slope" to "Boundaries") you will see four images A to D, ranked highest to lowest in terms of their relative weighting for soil-erosion risk. You will also see a coloured bar with tick boxes to select your 'current' and 'potential' scenarios from options A - D.

First click the option you feel currently represents your land of interest (e.g. A). See the position of the marker for your current scenario appear on the soil erosion risk bar. Also think about whether there is a potential to move to a lower risk option for your land of interest, and if so click a lower risk option as your potential scenario (e.g. B).

See the relative difference in risk of soil erosion indicated by the markers.

Look at the Risk Summary tab - this tab will provide a summary of your selections and display these in a table form. This table may help you identify which of the risk factors you could potentially lower and which you may like to explore interventions for.

Click on the Interventions tab, which will provide a table of links to options to help mitigate the risk of erosion under the categories you have explored in the tool.

If you have land or assets in the catchment of the River Wear and are interested in taking steps to implement soil-erosion and runoff mitigation measures such as those you have identified in using the tool, please feel free to contact Project Officers at the Wear Rivers Trust for advice.