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Durham University

Sea Level and Ice Sheets Outreach

Sea Level Change and Salt Marshes

We have developed three worksheets for teachers that provide guidance notes along with example demonstrations and fun classroom practicals of:

  1. The drivers of sea level change: isostasy, eustasy and relative sea-level change.
  2. Salt marshes and sea level: salt marsh succession and its relationship to sea level.
  3. Microfossils as indicators of past sea level: how salt marshes and the microsfossils preserved within them act as 'geological tide gauges'.

The material is designed to tell a story: from the big picture of the causes of sea-level change, down to the tiny plants and animals that tell scientists how sea level has changed in the past. However, particular elements can also be used on their own. The ideas covered have been designed with KS4 in mind, but can be adapted to any age group.