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A specialist service of ours for many years, we remain today one of the few dedicated cartographic facilities in the North East of England. We can support your work with topographic or thematic mapping to the highest quality, for publication in black & white or colour at large or small scales and reproduced at sizes from A5 to A0. We can work from your rough drafts, field drawings, compile composite maps from multiple sources or plot from your GIS data.

Graphics / Illustration

They say a picture paints a thousand words. As such let us visualise your ideas  with a wide range of graphics from technical illustrations through 3D visualisations to logos and corporate identities. Graphics can be supplied for publication, on-screen presentation such as Powerpoint, or online delivery via the World Wide Web.


We provide a comprehensive photographic service encompassing both studio work and location photography and can print images up to A3+ size at full photographic quality, and at near photographic quality up to A0+. Most of our original photography today utilises digital formats but we can print from all sizes of negative or slide and can produce copies from your photographic prints.  All photographic images can be retouched, manipulated, rectified or combined to produce effective montages, panoramas etc. We can produce colour slides from negatives, slides, prints or digital images.


We can design and print eye catching full colour display panels up to one metre wide by several metres long though, typically, most poster displays are produced at A0 size. In addition we can produce self adhesive graphics and lettering for building signs or mounting on any surface, including glass doors and windows, door plates and also for exterior use on vehicles etc.

Desktop Publishing

We design layouts for multi-page reports, brochures, presentations and publicity material to the highest standards. These can be produced in black & white or colour, while the use of black with a spot colour can be a very cost-effective solution for excellent quality results. We use professional desktop publishing software to combine text, graphics and images for results far superior to that available from basic word-processing software.

Large Format

We can scan maps, posters or any printed material up to one metre wide by virtually any length at high resolution and full photographic quality and can print at near photographic quality at the same size. We can design your displays, print them out at large size and laminate them for exhibition or conference presentation.

Audio Visual

Video material can be digitised from digital or analogue video sources including VHS, DV tape, Multimedia cards, DVD (subject to copyright protection), online video stream or television broadcasts (Freeview only) for editing and repurposing to multiple formats such as DVD, Video CD, VHS or multimedia presentation. We can compile interactive DVDs from multiple sources for teaching sets, research presentations etc.

Large Format