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Durham University

The Fragile Crescent Project


Apart from the databases of the archaeological surveys described in the Study Area, the project also holds a large amount of satellite imagery, maps, and digital elevation models. In particular:

- The study area is covered by 17 Landsat images, of which we currently hold three sets of different times (set 1: 1987-1990, set 2: 2000-2002, and set 3: 2004-2007). This makes a total of 51 Landsat images.

- We have geocorrected four sets of CORONA imagery, a total of 53 CORONA frames; plus three KH-7 frames.
- set 1: 28 May 1970, covering the Homs Project area;
- set 2: 08 August 1968, covering the North Balikh Valley, upper Lake Tabqa, Land of Carchemish, Kurban & Titrish Surveys;
- set 3: 31 July 1969, covering North Homs Project, Amuq;
- set 4: 22 January 1967, covering Balikh Valley, upper Lake Tabqa, Land of Carchemish, South Kurban & Titrish Surveys.

- We have acquired and are about to process for the extraction of DEM a total of 30 CORONA stereopairs.

- We have geocorrected 125 map sheets of 1:100,000 scale.

- We have acquired and geocorrected GeoEye imagery from the Land of Carchemish, and IKONOS imagery for the South Balikh Valley.

- The study area is fully covered by SRTM-3 arcsec version-2 DEM, and ASTER raw DEM.