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For Teachers & Advisers

Music Teachers' Conference 2016

Durham University's Music Department held a free conference for teachers on 9 - 10 April 2016. This built on the previous event held in 2014 and expanded on similar themes. The event took place across various University locations including Collingwood College where accommodation and the conference dinner were held as well as our Music Department on Palace Green. Presentations from the conference are now available to download:

  • Electroacoustic Studio Work, Dr. Collins

  • Musical Techniques, Dr. Alasdair Jamieson

  • Acoustic Composition, Dr Eric Egan

  • Analysis, Prof. Julian Horton

  • Admissions Q&A, Dr Simon Mills

  • Music Psychology, Prof. Tuomas Eerola

  • Historical Musicology, Prof. Jeremy Dibble

  • Ethnomusicology, Prof. Martin Clayton, Dr. Simon Mills and Dr. Laura Leante

  • Performance, John Snijders

  • 100 Questions about Music