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Durham University

Faculty Handbook 2022-2023

Module Search Results

Please ensure you check the module availability box for each module outline, as not all modules will run in each academic year. Each module description relates to the year indicated in the module availability box. Please be aware that modules may change from year to year, and may be amended to take account of, for example: changing staff expertise, disciplinary developments, the requirements of external bodies and partners, and student feedback. Current modules are subject to change in light of the ongoing disruption caused by Covid-19.

  • EDUC1461 - Historical and Philosophical Ideas of Education
  • EDUC1501 - International and Comparative Education
  • EDUC1511 - Contemporary Issues and Evidence in Education
  • EDUC1521 - Foundations of Psychology in Education
  • EDUC1531 - Disability and Educational Needs: What's So 'special' About Send?
  • EDUC1541 - The Evidence Informed Primary Teacher: Developing The Practice
  • EDUC1553 - Shifting The Focus: From The "Three Rs"to The "Three Cs"
  • EDUC2301 - Educational Research Methods
  • EDUC2321 - Learning and Development in Childhood
  • EDUC2351 - Higher Education: Issues of Exclusion and Inclusion
  • EDUC2361 - Cultural Identity, Interculturality and Education
  • EDUC2401 - Constructing Childhood and Youth
  • EDUC2411 - Assessing Education
  • EDUC2421 - Learning Lives
  • EDUC2431 - Disability and Educational Needs: Impairment, Empowerment and Education
  • EDUC2441 - The Evidence Informed Primary Teacher: Enhancing Expertise
  • EDUC2453 - The Three Cs: Criticality, Concepts and Curriculum
  • EDUC3191 - Education in A Global Age
  • EDUC3221 - Political Sociology of Education
  • EDUC3271 - Responding to Special Educational Needs
  • EDUC3322 - Dissertation: Disciplinary Contexts of Education
  • EDUC3331 - Understanding The Arts in Education
  • EDUC3341 - The Social Life of Education
  • EDUC3351 - Evidence and Education Policy
  • EDUC3361 - Science of Learning
  • EDUC3372 - Beyond The Three Cs
  • EDUC3382 - Future Leaders
  • EDUC3391 - Digital Society, Theory & Practice
  • EDUC3401 - Education, Mental Health and Wellbeing

If you have a query about a specific module or degree programme, please contact the appropriate department.

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