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Durham University

Faculty Handbook 2021-2022

Module Search Results

Please ensure you check the module availability box for each module outline, as not all modules will run in each academic year. Each module description relates to the year indicated in the module availability box. Please be aware that modules may change from year to year, and may be amended to take account of, for example: changing staff expertise, disciplinary developments, the requirements of external bodies and partners, and student feedback. Current modules are subject to change in light of the ongoing disruption caused by Covid-19.

  • ANTH1041 - Health, Illness and Society
  • ANTH1061 - People and Cultures
  • ANTH1091 - Human Evolution and Diversity
  • ANTH1101 - Doing Anthropological Research
  • ANTH1111 - Being Human: An Introduction to The History and Practice of Anthropology
  • ANTH2051 - Politics and Economics
  • ANTH2061 - Evolution, Variation and Adaptation
  • ANTH2071 - Our Place in Nature
  • ANTH2111 - Sex, Reproduction and Love
  • ANTH2131 - Anthropology Field Course
  • ANTH2141 - Global Health and Disease
  • ANTH2151 - Interrogating Anthropology
  • ANTH2161 - Kinship and Religion
  • ANTH2187 - Research Project Design
  • ANTH2197 - Reading Ethnography
  • ANTH2207 - Biology, Culture and Society
  • ANTH2217 - Debating Anthropology & Archaeology
  • ANTH2227 - Conceptual Issues in Anthropology and Psychology
  • ANTH2231 - Anthropological Research Methods in Action
  • ANTH30A7 - Exhibiting Anthropology
  • ANTH30B1 - Anthropology Field Course
  • ANTH30C7 - Decolonising Anthropology
  • ANTH30D7 - Comparative Cognition and Culture
  • ANTH30E7 - Homo Narrans: The Evolutionary Anthropology of Fiction
  • ANTH30F7 - Power and Governance
  • ANTH30G7 - Anthropology in The Contemporary Middle East
  • ANTH30H7 - Human Reproductive Ecology
  • ANTH30I7 - Primates, Predators and The Ecology of Fear
  • ANTH3141 - Anthropology Dissertation (20 Credits)
  • ANTH3162 - Anthropology Dissertation (40 Credits)
  • ANTH3237 - Poison, Pollution, and The Chemical Anthropocene
  • ANTH3247 - Violence and Memory
  • ANTH3257 - Anthropology of Tobacco
  • ANTH3267 - Anthropology of Health Inequality
  • ANTH3277 - Development, Conflict, and Crisis in The Lower Omo Valley
  • ANTH3287 - Specialised Aspects of Health and Medical Anthropology 5 (10 Credits)
  • ANTH3297 - Evolutionary Medicine of Maternal and Infant Health
  • ANTH3307 - The Social Anthropology of Hormones
  • ANTH3341 - South Africa Field Course
  • ANTH3382 - Anthropology Dissertation Ch/Hns/La
  • ANTH3742 - Anthropology and Archaeology Interdisciplinary Dissertation (40 Credits)
  • ANTH3777 - Evolution of Music
  • ANTH3787 - Capitalism in Ruins
  • ANTH3797 - Anthropology of Physical Activity and Health
  • ANTH3867 - Primates in Peril
  • ANTH3877 - Evolution of Cooperation
  • ANTH3887 - Forensic Anthropology
  • ANTH3897 - Palaeoanthropology and Palaeoecology
  • ANTH3907 - Specialised Aspects of Evolutionary Anthropology 6 (10 Credits)
  • ANTH3917 - Specialised Aspects of Social Anthropology 2 (10 Credits)
  • ANTH3927 - The Anthropology of Ethics and Morality
  • ANTH3937 - Anthropology Art and Experience
  • ANTH3947 - Anthropological Skills for Climate Change Survival
  • ANTH3957 - The Anthropology of Sport

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