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Faculty Handbook

Using Module Search


You can combine any of the search features listed below together. For example, you could search for a Level 2 open module in History which contains the keyword "Ireland".


This search feature allows you to search through every module in the module database. The search looks in the text of the module title, and the aims, content and learning outcomes.

Please note that the search looks for an exact match between what you type and what is contained in the text, though the search is not case sensitive. For example, a search for "human diversity" would locate any modules that contained the exact text "human diversity" (or "Human Diversity"), but would not find a module which contained the text "human origins and diversity" as the match is not exact.

This search will also identify words that form part of longer words. For example, a search for the word "sport" will also find modules that contain the word "transport".


This feature allows you to restrict your search to modules at a particular level.


This drop down menu allows you to restrict your search to a single department.


The database can be searched according to the type of module. An Open module is one that can be taken by any student in any faculty studying on any degree programme, provided that they meet the pre-requisites. A Tied module is a module which is only available to students studying on a particular degree programme(s).


This feature allows you to restrict your search to modules of a particular size: most modules are worth 20 credits.

Module Code

If you already know the module code of the module you are looking for, you can jump straight to its description by entering the code. This search too is not case sensitive.

If you have a query about a specific module or degree programme, please contact the appropriate department.

If you have a question about Durham's modular degree programmes, please visit our FAQ webpage.  If you have a question about modular programmes that is not covered by the FAQ, or a query about the on-line Faculty Handbook, please contact us using the Comments and Questions form below.