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Durham University

Event Durham

Library Square

Library Square is situated at the heart of Lower Mountjoy and can only be booked for Durham University-led events.

Students may book the space but this must be on behalf of a recognised student organisation, such as a DSO or DSU Society.

The space cannot used by external companies, other than the specially agreed Employer Events via the Careers Service.

There are a few details to be aware of:

  • All events must be pre-booked and agreed with a minimum of 10 days' notice.
  • Items, such as desks, cannot be provided and anyone using this space must bring/source all items they require.
  • Events using the area must be responsible for ensuring no litter is dropped.
  • You will be allocated a specific area.
  • Event organisers must ensure that they do not block the movement of staff/students around the area, and do not block any doors to buildings.
  • The sale of any item is not allowed, unless permission is previously granted via Event Durham. Please note that permission will only be granted for student organisations, in special circumstances and if linked to charitable activity.
  • Charity collections are allowed, although a permit is required to carry out a collection on behalf of a charity in a public place. A street collection is regulated under the Police, Factories etc. (Misc. Provisions) Act, 1916. Durham County Council issues the permits and stipulates the number of times a charity can apply. The application can be made online 28 days prior to the collection.
  • Risk assessments or public liability insurance may be required, depending on the activity.
  • No food or drink can be distributed, unless specific permission has been granted via Event Durham; charges may apply for loss of sales in the Cafes surrounding Library Square.

To book please contact Event Durham by email or by telephone 0191 334 2887 and provide a summary of the activity and the preferred date(s). We reserve the right to refuse permission for any event to be held on Library Square.

All activities must comply with the University's freedom of expression policy for events.