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Evolutionary Medicine at Durham


Key Publications


Professor Helen Ball

Klingaman, K.P. & Ball, Helen .L. 2009 (March). Practicing evolutionary medicine in a postnatal ward: Ameliorating iatrogenic obstacles to breastfeeding. Anthropology News, 9-11.

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Ball, Helen L. (2007). Night-time infant care: cultural practice, evolution, and infant development. Invited Chapter for: Childrearing and Infant Care: A Cross-Cultural Perspective. Ed: Pranee Liamputtong New York: Nova Science Publishers.

Professor Gillian Bentley

A Nunez-de la Mora, GR Bentley (2009) Changes in risk factors for breast cancer in migrant women:  An inter-generational comparison among Bangladeshis in the UK.  In Health, Risk and Adversity: A Contextual View, ed. C Panter-Brick, A Fuentes.  Berghahn Press, London, pp. 129-49.

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A  Núñez-de la Mora, RT Chatterton, O Choudhury, D Napolitano, GR Bentley (2007) Childhood conditions determine adult progesterone levels.  PLOS Medicine May 4(5):e167.

Dr Tessa Pollard

Pollard TM (2008) Western Diseases: An Evolutionary Perspective.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Pollard TM (1997) Environmental change and cardiovascular disease: a new  complexity. Yearbook of Physical Anthropology 40: 1-24.

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Pollard TM, Unwin N, Fischbacher C & Chamley J K (2008) Differences in body composition and cardiovascular and type 2 diabetes risk factors between migrant and British-born British Pakistani women. American Journal of Human Biology 20: 545-549.

Professor Charlotte Roberts

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