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ESRC Impact Acceleration Account

Researching Together

Projects under this heading involve the co-production of research. They are also at the cutting edge of developing participatory action research (PAR) activities and include working with external organisations, communities, practitioners and the public.

Participatory Research Hub [more info]

Design for Creativity and Innovation in Informal Science Learning Environments [more info]

Developing a New Approach for Infact Sleep-Sharing Safety [more info]

Accelerating Impact of Field Assessment Audits in Ethical Supply Chains [more info]

A Study in Workforce Factors, Behaviours and Service Delivery in Policing [more info]

CRACKS: Staging Women's Lives Experiences of Austerity [more info]

Keeping Things Simple: Achieving Impact from Achievable Working Arrangements between Local Authorities and the Third Sector in a Tightening Budgetary Environment [more info]

PROTOHOME: Testing the Potential of Self-Build Housing within Austerity [more info]

Forging Pathways to Warm and Healthy Homes for Vulnerable Households [more info]

The Centre for Gender Equal Media at Durham Univesity [more info]

Sharing the Responsibility for Health and Wellbeing [more info]

Co-Producing guidelines and an illustrated guide relating to the ethics of documenting sexual violence during conflict in Bangladesh and UK [more info]