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Durham University


What's New?

June 25th 2022 downtime

On Saturday, June 25th 2022, the Panopto Cloud will be updated with the latest features and improvements. These updates will require downtime. We expect up to 4 hours of downtime, with a target start time of 9:00pm GMT.
During the downtime, you will not be able to access videos and any attempts to upload from recording clients will result in a "Server unable to connect" message.

Headline Features

  • Content retention and archive
    • Customers can now download CSVs for retention audits that include additional data points Folder, Last View, Archived Status and Owner and receive improved audit summary emails that sum and report the total number of hours potentially affected
    • Customers are now able to use content retention policies to delete archived videos
    • In search results, customers can now see archived and ready-to-view videos together. Customers will find a more visible toggle between archived and ready-to-view videos in folder lists, including embedded folders
  • Captioning
    • “Find and Replace” ASR-powered caption editing enables customers to quickly identify captions that may need to be edited, and to replace all instances of an incorrectly transcribed word, based on one initial manual correction
    • Custom, site-level dictionaries for ASR and OCR allow customers to list common specialized terms, proper nouns and other words that have a unique prevalence at their institution
    • ASR reprocessing allows customers to easily switch languages where the incorrect base language was set for the recorded content
    • Customers can now request AI-powered translation of captions using Panopto caption dollars, allowing for simple, one-step language translation based on ASR or service-created captions
    • Captions that specify an end-time will now be honored by Panopto’s viewer, to improve user experience and accessibility
  • User Role and access management
    • Panopto has added several new user roles to improve organizational flexibility by allowing non-admin users access to key functionality at the site, department and folder level
      • Analytics manager
        • Users with this role can browse and list folders and videos, view usage dashboards and download usage CSVs
      • Caption Requester
        • Users with this role can manage caption settings for folders and videos, request captions, upload captions, and enable folder level settings for default content language and automated captioning
      • Content organizer
        • Users with this role can fulfill core content management duties including: move content between folders, copy content, create folders, delete folders, videos and playlists, share videos, view videos and update video metadata
      • Viewer with link
        • This allows users access that behaves like the current share function “Anyone at your org with the link”, but limits this to specific users or groups
  • Creation
    • Lightning-fast post-edit video processing allows creators to publish videos just seconds after completing their edits. This minimizes downtime for viewers and speeds up all aspects of post-production and publishing workflows.
    • Panopto’s unique, AI-powered Smart Chapters feature automatically indexes videos with a table of contents by analyzing screen recordings, even for meeting recordings and Capture recordings where Panopto does not have access to directly index the slide deck. This feature will now be enabled by default to create video chaptering automatically.
  • Portal visual refresh
    • A new design refresh brings a modernized look and feel to the main video portal. User icons replace text-based username and help menu items, a clean and prominent Create + button is repositioned for greater impact and usability, and the search bar is now restyled and centralized

Deprecating RSS Feeds - FYI

As part of the upcoming Panopto release, RSS feeds will be deprecated.

RSS presents a security concern, as users who download content via RSS can then share outside of the permissions in Panopto.

This change will be effective during the upcoming Panopto release in June.

Encore captions feature (5 November 2021)

The Encore service currently allows automatic speech recognition (ASR) captions to be applied to your Encore recordings but relies on a module creator applying the captions at a recording level for each module. This feature has proved to be beneficial to students who are able to review lecture materials at their own pace.

From Monday 8 November there will be a change to how the ASR captions are applied to recordings. This will mean that new recordings that are uploaded into Panopto will automatically have the ASR captions enabled and ready for when the recordings are made available to students.

Module creators no longer need to apply the captions manually on each recording in a module, as this will now happen automatically.

Please be aware of the following:

  • The change does not apply to existing recordings and these will still need to have the captions enabled individually as per the usual method:
  • Any newly created or existing folders will have the change applied automatically and therefore new recordings going into these folders will be captioned automatically
  • Existing captions on recordings will not be overwritten

Encore and Blackboard Learn Ultra

As users will have identified, Blackboard Learn Ultra is now taking over from duo as the VLE for Durham University. You can log into Ultra here:

Whilst Ultra is clearly different from duo, the Encore lecture capture service the same: Lecturers don't need to change anything in terms of teaching within a room that is part of the Encore service. The scheduled recording will start and stop in line with the information provided by Timetabling and the recording will automatically be uploaded into the relevant module folder. The Ad-hoc recording process also remains the same.

To learn more about Encore within Ultra, DCAD have created great in-depth guidance to assist with becoming more familiar with the new VLE.

How to access Encore from within Ultra (Section A):

Copying and Embedding within Ultra:

If you have specific questions relating to Encore and Ultra, please submit a ticket to the Service Desk and the Encore team will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Support for Internet Explorer 11

Panopto will be dropping support for Internet Explorer 11 effective June 26th, 2021. See below for some additional information and what to expect for the rest of the year.

  • Effective June 26th, Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) will no longer be supported by Panopto. This means there will be no further fixes for issues users experience while using Panopto on IE11. This is necessary to allow Panopto to continue innovating on newer browser technology and prevent users from having a severely degraded experience. Any users on IE 11 will see a message in the Panopto viewer letting them know that they should plan to upgrade to a modern browser before June 26th.
  • Usage of IE 11 will be blocked in our end-of-year release. Once this change is applied, users who attempt to access Panopto will be prompted to upgrade to a modern browser.

Video Captioning and Transcripton Services

In response to COVID-19 and a move to greater use of online digital learning and teaching, CIS produced a review of captioning service costs provided by companies such as Zoom, OtterAI, Vitac, 20/20 Captioning, Translate by Humans, and Captioning Star. This work was commissioned in response to Provost Board discussions and a lack of evidence to understand how different solutions compared. A joint DCAD and CIS2 research group was formed to investigate comprising of Dr Cris Bloomfield, Edward Kielb, Kylie Kendrick, Ross Parker and Shauna Radford. The results of said review can now be viewed here: Comparison-of-Video-Closed-Captioning-Providers.pdf (